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Meet Sophie Simone

Meet Sophie Simone

Our latest curation introduces French-Mexican designer Sophie Simone whose jewellery line reflects her love for Mexico's rich cultural heritage, an...

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Paloma meaning dove in Spanish, is a creature of both earth and air, representing the fine balance between dreams and reality; idealism and life.

Acting as the bridging link between a higher consciousness and the practical realities in which we live in, our project is committed to undertake a socially-engaged curatorial practice that offers a curated selection of Latin American design with a strong emphasis on supporting sustainable development practices through culture.

As Australia’s first curated collection of contemporary design and art from Latin America, we are changing perceptions of the region; offering a fresh and unique definition of artisanal craftsmanship, sustainability and luxury. My Paloma curates a collection of statement pieces, staples and one-of-a-kind creations by emerging fashion brands and artists who value their own culture, history and millenary traditions.

Just as the dove acts as the liaison between dream and reality, MY PALOMA hopes to generate positive outcomes for society; while offering limited edition pieces to our conscious consumers.
Come and enjoy our world!

About our founder

Founded by Peruvian born, Sydney based Eliana Gamboa-Chapman, MY PALOMA was built on the premise that good design has the capacity to inspire and transform. Growing up in Latin America and Australia provided her with an eye for aesthetics, and the importance of contributing to the exchange of expertise between designers and artisans to create unique and sophisticated pieces that open our minds to new cultures and responsible collaborative practices.

Before founding MY PALOMA, Eliana studied Marketing and completed a Masters in International Relations and now in Curating & Cultural Leadership. After years working for Salvatore Ferragamo in Florence and assisting UK companies to succeed in the Australian market, she now leverages her passion for curating to shape MY PALOMA’s philosophy - an online concept store whose vision is to constructively work with emerging brands that display a clearly defined aesthetic in line with international trends, while maintaining strong links to their heritage.