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We have curated Latin American designers with originality, innovation and diversity – designers who are developing locally produced collections that honour nature and reinterpret ancient traditions and crafts for today's contemporary context.

We partner with sustainable brands who collaborate constructively with artisans and Indigenous communities; while preserving millenary techniques and modes of expression that are so unique to Latin American history and culture.



Our project is committed to undertake a socially-engaged curatorial practice that offers a curated selection of Latin American design with a strong emphasis on supporting sustainable development through art and culture.

Our vision is to break down perceptions of the region by offering a fresh and unique definition of artisanal craftsmanship, sustainability and luxury.

My Paloma curates a collection of bespoke jewellery, luxury resort wear and one-of-a-kind creations by fashion social enterprises underpinned by artistic savoir-faire passed down through generations.

Paloma translates to dove in Spanish. This has many connotations – a creature of both earth and air, representing the fine balance between dreams and reality, idealism, beauty and life itself. It embodies what we do and what believe in. 

We invite you to join MY PALOMA’s journey!



MY PALOMA sees fashion as a force for positive change and local development. It aims to disseminate sustainable principles and practices, create channels that connect the ethical fashion offering in Latin America to the Australian market; while promoting working networks that contribute to the global shift towards socially sustainable and ethical fashion.

As curators we endeavour to create a space for designers to speak for themselves through their collections. Our collections embody contemporaneity, diversity and uniqueness in design, underpinned by responsible production and slow fashion methods.

fashion brands with a purpose

sustainable brands

MY PALOMA  is proud of the designers it partners with. Not only do they offer superior quality materials, authenticity and detail in design, but more broadly, each has their own individual approach to social impact and the environment. Discover the impact behind each brand here




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Introducing Maison Alma

Introducing Maison Alma

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We welcome Verde Limón

We welcome Verde Limón

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