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We have curated Latin American designers with originality, innovation and diversity, whose inspiration by international trends does not detract them from maintaining strong ties to their roots.

We pay special attention to sustainable brands that collaborate responsibly and respectfully with artisans and Indigenous communities; while preserving ancient techniques and modes of expression that are so unique to Latin American history and culture.


Meet Sophie Simone - My Paloma

Meet Sophie Simone

23 October 2020 Our latest curation introduces Franco-Mexican designer Sophie Simone whose jewellery line reflects her love for Mexico's rich cultu...

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Paloma meaning dove in Spanish, is a creature of both earth and air, representing the fine balance between dreams and reality; idealism and life.

Acting as the bridging link between a higher consciousness and the practical realities in which we live in, our project is committed to undertake a socially-engaged curatorial practice that offers a curated selection of Latin American design with a strong emphasis on supporting sustainable development through culture.

As Australia’s first curated collection of contemporary design and art from Latin America, we are changing perceptions of the region; offering a fresh and unique definition of artisanal craftsmanship, sustainability and luxury. My Paloma curates a collection of statement jewellery pieces, resortwear and one-of-a-kind creations by fashion social enterprises underpinned by artisanal savoir-faire passed down through generations.

Just as the dove acts as the liaison between dream and reality, MY PALOMA hopes to generate positive outcomes for society; while offering limited edition pieces for our conscious consumers.

Come and enjoy our world!

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