AWAMAKI - Empowering women through artisanal cooperatives

20 December 2020

In this time of uncertainty, in which our artisan partners and their families have lost most of their household income, MY PALOMA is striving to shine a light on some incredible non-profits that help women start and run their own businesses.

AWAMAKI meaning handmade creates lasting impact in the remote mountains of Peru by helping rural Andean women’s associations launch successful small businesses; while creating authentic, high-quality products and experiences. Awamaki invests in women’s skills, connects them to international markets and supports age-old traditions, so they can increase their income and transform their communities. 


AWAMAKI partners with eight cooperatives of rural Andean women to provide training in quality-control, product development and technical skills improvement. This empowering opportunity ensures a more secure future in the textile industry providing a reliable source of income so they can increase their families' quality of life and well-being. In their training they are taught colour combination, natural dye methods, fibre selection, spinning, weaving and pattern-making.

To learn more about how artisan weavers connect with global markets, and how you can help empower women and girls with education and financial independence click here